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WPEngine Coupons – An up to date listing of all the latest February 2018 WPEngine Webhosting Coupon and Discount Codes. Save big with WPEngine.

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  • VALENTINE2015 – $7 hosting for first 2 months
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**Top WPEngine Discount Coupons as of 25th February 2018**

WPEngine Webhosting – February 2018

WP Engine is considered as one of the best hosts in the entire web industry. Here at Hostgator Coupon Bayou we provide an updated listing of all the latest WPEngine Coupons to help you save lots of money with this webhost. See the WPEngine Coupon Code Listing above for details about the current WPEngine deals and discounts. It is widely acclaimed for offering what is said as the best fully managed WordPress hosting platform. Above all, its efforts to provide security, scalability, and speed in its hosting services have all paid off.

WP Engine is very proactive when it comes to security is the best. They undertake strong security measures to ensure that your website is protected from potential harms, while it runs at its optimal performance. Some of these measures are the disk write protection, script protection, and disallowed plug-ins. But the restriction of some plugins isn’t just for security purposes alone. WP Engine also disables some plugins for performance reasons.

WPEngine Coupon

Of course, WP Engine stands in its promise to provide the best security of your websites. However, if all efforts to automatically scan and fix hacking attempts failed, and your site still gets hacked, WP Engine will fix your site for free. And this is an advantage that you would rarely find in other hosting providers.

The WP Engine EverCache system is deemed as one of the most specialised server software that is connected to the internals of WordPress. It is also considered as one of the most scalable WordPress architectures on Earth. This system serves common pages that is, on average, 4-6 times faster than other non-WP Engine servers. The EverCache technology is WP Engine’s secret tools to make every WordPress site incredibly fast and scalable. With this feature, cache is smartly and automatically refreshed as needed, which is why owners or developers don’t have to manage caching plugins with WP Engine.

Another well-loved feature of WP Engine is its WordPress staging area, which allows you to deploy new pages, themes, or site changes without having fears about crashing your site. In this one-click staging feature, any changes that you make in your WordPress site are live and visible immediately. But by clicking on the “snapshot button”, WP Engines stores a complete copy of your blog and keep it in a safe area.

WP Engine has extensive partners to offer the best features for you. Indeed, it has partnered with NetDNA to offer a robust and enterprise Content Delivery Network (CDN). All of your hosting accounts can take advantage of using the CDN and WP Engine will take of the configuration for you.

WP Engine has partnered with the WordPress community and third party plugin developers to ensure that you get the best plugins that work for you. Incorporating the right plugins and features to your e-commerce site is necessary to increase conversions and functionality. WP Engine has effectively utilized these features, which are available either as individual plugins or add-ons to an e-commerce application. These are the Payment Checkout Solutions, Analytics, Link Shortener, CDN, Pinterest, Dynamic pricing, and Table Rate Shipping.

If you’re having trouble running down a performance problem, WP Engine will do code-level PHP profiling for you to identify the issue and suggest code changes to address it. But this is just one of the many ways that WP Engine can help you. WP Engine helps customers for a seamless migration from old host to the platform. So if you’re migrating, you will be given access to a Migration Checklist, which provides a guided navigation through the entire migration process.

WP Engine’s goal with its shared plans is to provide an incredible amount of performance at a competitive price. The platform’s premium plans, which are the upgraded versions of the shared plans, provide a custom environment for each WP Engine customer. WP Engine also provides an Enterprise plan that offers the platform’s top level of WordPress hosting power.

WP Engine is amazing. Its impressive top-of-the-line features have set the standard high for hosting providers. Its niche is very specific and apparently, the platform knows its market. With such kind of specificity, no one can deny that WP Engine is a web host to beat in the hosting industry. Use our WPEngine promotional codes to get WPEngine for an even more affordable rate.