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Jumpline Webhosting – February 2018

It can seem that things are getting cluttered online with all of the webhosting companies and websites being run out there. Don’t worry, this is actually a good thing whether you are getting started, or you are ready to migrate to a new hosting company that is better able to service you than your current one. Here we will look at what Jumpline webhosting is all about, so you can decide if they might be right for you and your online presence.

Jumpline Coupons

Who they are

Jumpline is a no nonsense company that started in 1997 to create high quality web hosting services for businesses and individuals. They pride themselves in the fact that they have been around longer than almost all of their competitors. They are at the forefront of the industry because they take advantage of the knowledge they have gained over the years, and have successfully grown from.

Plans and Pricing

When it comes to shared hosting, like most traditional web hosts they have three plans: Stacked, Layered, and Extended. With the Stacked plan, when you catch a deal it will be about $5 a month. There really aren’t many unlimited offerings with this plan, but usually if you are just starting out you’ll find you don’t quite need them yet. But if this is something that you have come to expect from a basic hosting plan, then look into a host like Hostgator that offers you many unlimited options with their Hatchling Plan.

The Layered plan will begin at about $8 a month if you can catch it on a deal, and while it does give you more room when it comes to storage and monthly data, you still don’t get unlimited. The Extended plan will start at around $10 a month, and once again you get all of the space, emails, and FTP accounts you should need, but it won’t be unlimited like Hostgators.

Control Panel

When you use Jumpline you get to use the awesome cPanel. This panel is going to make your experience better no matter if you are a seasoned pro or are just starting out. While Jumpline doesn’t give you a free demo, if you want an idea of what the control panel looks like, go check out Hotgators website and test their free demonstration.

Customer Support

The customer support center that Jumpline offers is a little unique when compared to other hosting companies. They break down their knowledgebase for you in a way that easy to understand because you can start by identifying the category you need the most help in. So, if you want to find out more information about control panels, then you can easily click on the tab, and get your knowledge on.

They have 24/7 support, and you can use this via ticket submission. You can also use the live chat to get the answers you are looking for.


Jumpline is one that is definitely worth checking out, and while they aren’t as comprehensive and affordable as Hostgator, they are still one to watch out for in the future as they advance and grow.

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