Hostgator VPS Webhosting

As your website grows, your needs for a good server also expands. This is where Virtual Private Servers or VPS come into place. The Hostgator VPS offers a fully customizable hosting, which can be upgraded any time depending on your site’s needs. If you are after of complete control of the hosting, a VPS is the best option since it can give you full root access. With such, you can easily install advanced software and fully customize your hosting environment. A good plan at a competitive price, VPS offers a dedicated functionality that you should consider.

All throughout the years, Hostgator has continually improved its VPS to achieve the strong performance that it has today. The flexible software options give customers the total control in a bid to optimize the entire hosting experience. The hardware that the server is using is also very impressive. And most importantly, when customers have questions regarding the service, Hostgator’s 24/7 award winning support is just a call, chat or email away.

With Hostgator, you can choose to have either fully or semi-managed servers, depending on your needs. While the semi-managed plans offer assistance in any hardware, operating system, or basic configuration issue, they do not include a hosting control panel. On the other hand, the fully managed plans include assistance with just about any issue or configuration request clients have, except custom software or script installations.

By availing Hostgator’s VPS plan, you get access to unlimited domains, sub domains, email accounts and MySQL databases. You can also have unlimited FTP accounts, and the name servers are privatized. The offsite back-ups are being done every week. And the site builder software is free.

Hostgator also puts prime importance on the flexibility, reliability, quality, and performance of the servers. This is why the platform maintains servers in different geographic locations. The strategic utilization of these data centers enables flexibility in providing the best service to the customers. Moreover, top quality server hardware, HVAC, and electrical and network systems are being used in order to ensure that the service will not be interrupted.

Bridging the gap between shared hosting and dedicated servers, Hostgator’s Linux VPS web hosting offers important features that are specific to larger needs. The main idea behind upgrading from a shared or reseller account to VPS is the flexibility in software installations, Apache configurations, and other custom software such as ventral and ffmpeg.

But while a move to VPS is considered ideal, this upgrade is only recommended if you need more control of the box. This is largely due to the fact that resellers are given access to all the reseller tools, including WHMCS, for free. And aside from that, under a reseller package, you can have a managed hosting for your customers.

The VPS web hosting is advantageous for office emails, mass emailing and custom installations.

Office emails are ideal for multiple email users who are working from the same office, which means that they have the same connection IP address. In such case, shared and reseller plans won’t be enough because the POP and IMAP connections are limited to 30 per hour per connecting IP. If you are in such situation, VPS works better.

Then we have the mass emailing, which is most useful if your business or organization relies on email advertising for a large contact mailing list. A reseller plan cannot cater to this need since it limits each domain name to sending 500 emails per hour. But if you’re fine with this limit, then you don’t have to upgrade.

The third advantage VPS web hosting has over a shared server is custom installation. A VPS hosting is good for the creation of a custom hosting environment. And if you need to install something that is not compatible with the shared server, then upgrading to VPS is a good option. Specifically, shared and reseller plans do not allow clients to change the included server and software, and instead only provide a stable and consistent environment for all on a shared server. This also means that any changes made may affect the other uses of the server.

Despite its wide array of features, a VPS webs hosting should not be seen as the solution to an overly resource-intensive account. Most especially, a VPS does not give you a full power of the server at your disposal. However, it’s a very good deal that could give you more privacy and freedom to do whatever you want, in order to better serve your needs.

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