Hostgator Features

Hostgator Features – An overview of the different webhosting features provided by Hostgator. Does Hostgator provide the features you need? Find out here.

As a hosting company, Hostgator has well established its name. Indeed, it has been told that Hostgator not only dominates the hosting niche, but it also almost monopolizes the niche. Thanks to its large customer base that it has established over the years. Hostgator has become the top option for would-be marketers and entrepreneurs. It has also been a friendly platform for advanced webmasters who want to take advantage of the features that Hostgator is offering.

The main advantage of Hostgator is its unlimited feature for hosting subdomains under one account, which does not have any restrictions on bandwidth or disk space.

More than its amazing features, loyal customers of Hostgator cite the products’ affordability as the major reason why the company tops the market. It offers an incredible service at a very competitive price. What more can you ask for?

Hostgator provides all the features that you will need to be able to launch a fully functional and effective website. These features include a site builder, shopping carts for e-commerce website, and comprehensive installers of famous website apps and platforms. Furthermore, Hostgator also provides several email features in each of its plans. Aside from the webmail option, the platform allows you to create as many POP3 accounts as you like. Some of these additional features are the email aliases, auto-responders, mailing lists, catch-alls and mail forwarding. And if you’re concerned about spam messages, Hostgator also features a Spam Assassin in each of its packages. Span Assassin is a strong assassin program that will allow you to get rid of unwanted junk emails out of your inbox.

Generally, Hostgator’s feature set is impressive. It also has some advanced features that include custom cron jobs and error pages. Cron jobs are server tasks that can be scheduled for automatic occurrence. An example of which is downloading email. However, this feature does not have a script library. These may not be a necessity in web hosting, but they provide users, especially the advanced ones, with more convenience since they can customize their website based on how they would like it to appear.

Hostgator is easy to use. It may take a few minutes for you to fully understand how to go through the interface. But once you finally have a grasp on it, you will find the entire service as useful. Otherwise, the site provides video tutorials, frequently asked questions and forums.

There are four levels of hosting that Hostgator provides. These are the Shared Hosting, Reseller, Virtual Private Serer (VPS) and Dedicated. In Hostgator’s language, Shared Hosting would be called “Web Hosting”. Customers who have availed of the “Shared” and Dedicated hosting packages could also benefit from Windows-based hosting plans.

Aside from the unlimited features that these packages provide, the service also supports international domains. If you avail of Hostgator’s business plan, you can get your very own toll-free number and a dedicated IP address and private SSL.

Hostgator has already built a reputation in the online community over the years. Indeed, it’s safe to claim that the company provides the most robust hosting plans at the most affordable prices. The competitive pricing of its products attracts both starting and experienced webmasters. First, for those who are just starting with their online businesses or online portals, cheap hosting plans are really very good options. This is because their risk-tolerance is still low and they would want to assess first what would be the most economical ways to run their businesses. As businesses grow, customers opt for more expensive plans that guarantee better services. Hostgator also caters to that market.

Another banner feature of Hostgator is the 24/7/265 customer support, making customer service very accessible for everyone since this can be done thru telephone, live chat or email. And aside from this, the company provides an online library that showcases tutorials and video support content.

In the event that your online business is having a hard time gaining a place in the market, you can easily ask for a refund of your purchased product. Hostgator’s 45-day money back guarantee is not so difficult to deal with. The company boasts a fast processing of refunds for those who are not satisfied of the service. This is why taking advantage of the benefits of Hostgator is a win-win situation.

While Hostgator does not claim to be perfect, it is commendable for its transparency. When compared with other web hosting services, Hostgator may lack the others’ intuitiveness and usability. But it only takes a matter of time and effort to get to optimize the usability of the service to your advantage. And n no time, you will realize its exceptional hosting capabilities at a very competitive value.

Hostgator’s good reputation is supported by the company’s full BBB accreditation. The company has already received a lot of awards from different award giving bodies for the performances of online companies. It is a flexible web host that is definitely worth the consideration.

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