Hostgator Dedicated Webhosting

Hostgator’s dedicated web hosting service is widely acclaimed for successfully balancing price and features. Because of its well roundedness, the platform’s dedicated web hosting has been cited as the best dedicated web hosting by many editors and review bodies. Thanks to Hostgator’s persistence in constantly changing and updating the dedicated servers.

The dedicated hosting server is a good choice for people who need more power, expecting high traffic volumes, or are encountering some compliance requirements that prevent them from using shared servers. This kind of server is most useful for larger businesses and high-traffic websites. With a dedicated server, you can have maximum customization, configuration, installation, and overall flexibility of your website. All of these benefits can be achieved with the strong support system of Hostgator.

With a dedicated server, your website can have a complete access to the full server. This is because you are not sharing with any other users. The package also provides you with full root or admin access, a feature that is similar to VPS. This separates the dedicated webhosting from the other plans because it provides you with all the tools that you need to be able to optimize the hosting experience not just for yourself but also for your clients. These tools range from the hosting control panel down to the installers of the application and the website building tools.

With Hostgator’s dedicated webhosting package, you can already have a good deal. Even though it is more expensive compared to shared webhosting, the features can best justify the price gap.

Hostgator offers four different options of dedicated server hosting, all of them ranked among the best in the web hosting industry. These are the Basic, Standard, Elite, and Pro. These servers are geared with various processors, bandwidth, memory, and hard drive options.

Hostgator Basic dedicated servers, which is set up to run with almost all scripts, is the cheapest among the four options. Under this package, you can surf with optimum speed. Plus, you’re also guaranteed that the server is not going to shut down.

Then, there are Standard dedicated servers. Compared with Basic dedicated servers, standard dedicated servers are wrapped up with more memory. And in addition to that, you are also given 10 unique IP addresses. Among all the four dedicated server packages of Hostgator, the Standard is considered to be the most popular since it already provides everything that clients need from a dedicated web hosting.

The third kind of package is the Hostgator Elite, which upgrades the Basic and the Standard in terms of bandwidth. And in addition to that, the package includes an Intel Xeon 3210 Quad Core processor to make the speed of the server very quick.

The last in the set is the Hostgator Pro, which is the most expensive one. The Hostgator Pro is fit for those who would want to optimize the best of what their servers can give. Apparently, its features are way better compared to the Basic and Standard packages. Indeed, it has a large memory space, wide bandwidth and a Quad Core processor that enables quick server speeds. The Hostgator Pro is considered as one of the best dedicated webhosting options in the world.

The servers of Hostgator are located in different locations to ensure flexibility, reliability, quality and performance of the service. In a bid to boost your business, Hostgator integrates a free control panel for every dedicated server. If you purchase the service right now, it will be provisioned, secured, and typically delivered within the next 24 hours.

Hostgator’s dedicated webhosting provides a free SmartberBundle Professional License and an Enom Domain Name Reseller Account. And within the 30 days of the activation of the account, the dedicated servers can receive up to 100 free transfers.

The cPanel control panel is complete with tools. You can easily check on your website’s statistics and install applications such as instant shopping carts, blogs, portals, forums, counters and FormMail. Hostgator’s cPanel also gives password protected directories and custom error pages. It also features SohoLaunch and Fantastico.

Coming at a very competitive price compared with other hosts in the market, Hostgator’s dedicated server packages are priced from $139 per month. Hostgator’s bid may not be the best for those who need a big chunk of memory. But if you just need a very balanced dedicated web host that is affordable, Hostgator is the topnotch choice.

Hostgator’s award-winning support system can offer all the help for a full understanding of the provisions of the plan. You can easily call, chat, or email the Support Team.

If utilized wisely, customers can use various software solutions and customize their business websites in a way that can put them at a competitive advantage. And that’s where Hostgator’s dedicated web hosting package comes in, by striking a balance in giving customers a higher level of control over their hosting experience while still supporting and managing their servers to ensure that they will always be top performing.

In terms of reliability and security in hosting solutions, Hostgator’s clients will never be in the losing end.

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