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Dreamhost Coupons – An up to date listing of all the latest January 2018 Dreamhost Webhosting Coupon and Discount Codes. Save big with Dreamhost.

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  • ZEROCOSTDOMAIN – Get a Free Dreamhost Domain Name
  • IPWIZARD – Get a Free Dedicated IP Address with this coupon code

**Top Dreamhost Discount Coupons as of 21st January 2018**

Dreamhost Webhosting – January 2018

Along with topnotch web hosting providers that balance speed and affordability in getting your websites online, DreamHost stands to deliver powerful, feature-rich, and near-limitless capacity webhosting plans that are ideal for start-up blogs and micro-businesses’ websites. DreamHost has been in the web hosting industry for quite a while and hence has developed a product line that serves for the best interest of its target customers.

Dreamhost Coupon

DreamHost’s web hosting plans are flexible and include different features. Although its offer is more expensive to other equivalent plans from its competitors, it has a way of showing to its customers that the plan is giving them a good run for their money. You can reduce the cost of your Dreamhost plan by using our provided dreamhost coupon codes.

Firstly, the webhosting plan of DreamHost offers 50GB of free backup space and unlimited disk storage when using any of the dreamhost promotional codes. By saying unlimited, customers don’t have to be bothered about the disk storage or network transfer, which was usually the case when the website is getting more traffic over time. However, other concerns such as optimization issues still have to be attended, but this is a limitation that other web hosts are facing in an unlimited feature.

The extensive domain management tools of DreamHost are well reviewed. With DreamHost, you’re provided with unlimited bandwidth and unlimited domain hosting. In such cases, you don’t have to worry about the amount of traffic that your website could manage. You’re also given the privilege to host and manage as many websites and domains as you want.

However, these unlimited features come along with full understanding of DreamHost’s unlimited policy, which properly indicates the limitations of the unlimited feature so that customers won’t be stressed with unmet expectations. The unlimited policy of DreamHost clearly forbids you from allowing visitors to access your server resources or from streaming copyrighted material.

Furthermore, DreamHost’s web hosting plans come with unlimited email accounts and a 1-click WordPress installer. DreamHost’s WordPress Installer allows for automatic installation of WordPress on your hosting account, which makes it easy for customers like you to set up a blog or website in Wordress.

DreamHost provides a user-friendly interface that is very simple and innovative. You can easily find a tree of menu options on the left side of the screen, which provides access to the billing information, domain management, and the settings for VPS and dedicated servers.

DreamHost’s web hosting plan is well acclaimed for its many security features. This protection scheme, along with its 100% uptime guarantee, makes a good deal for people who are looking for a quality web host at an affordable price. DreamHost also takes pride from its 24/7 Customer Support portal, which is accessible through live chat, email, and Twitter. However, since it does not have a telephone line, DreamHost’s web hosting plan may not work well with those who are still new in web hosting, since site issues have to be dealt with as soon as possible. To compensate for this, DreamHost provides a good knowledge base and FAQ’s that provide answers to most of the questions that customers have. Aside from this, customers can also interact with one another through the platform’s online forums.

The webhosting plans that DreamHost offers are topped with a generous 97-day money-back guarantee. This gives customers the upper hand to try the product without worrying whether they’ll be satisfied with it. As long as customers seek for refund within the first 97 days from the day the purchase was made, DreamHost will return all the money, minus any domain registration fees.

All in all, DreamHost has made a good name in webhosting industry. While we still recommend Hostgator above other web hosts, DreamHost makes a good run for your money. Otherwise, it wouldn’t stay in business for almost two decades if it can’t stand with its promise to deliver quality and affordability in its products.

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