Doteasy Review

Doteasy Review – An overview and review of the Doteasy Webhosting Platform. Is Doteasy worth its cost? Find out here in this webhosting review article.

With all of the different hosting companies in the industry today, it can be tough to make a decision on the one for you and your online needs. Plus, many of them compete with one another on such a high level of quality and services, that it can make it all the more difficult. You want a host that has topnotch customer service, fair prices for what they have to offer, and one that can take your business or blog to the next level of growth. Here is how Doteasy fares in many of these categories.


Plans and Pricing

Doteasy makes it simple to choose the plan for you. They have the Basic, Unlimited, and Unlimited SSD 100. While the Basic is just that, it still has all of the features you need in order to get used to building a website and it will help get you started on your online journey. However it won’t take you very far. A webhost like Hostgator is going to offer you a better starting plan with many more features, and at about the same price. They do this to keep your start-up costs low so you don’t end up having a lot of extra features to worry about adding on.

The Unlimited plan gives you a free domain name and unlimited emails, which is nice, but really you should just spend the extra dollar a month and start with the Unlimited SSD 100 plan. It is going to offer you all of the tools you need and not leave you wanting for more.

Control Panel

Doteasy uses the famous cPanel as the control panel of choice and this is a great feature to have. The cPanel is easy to navigate and makes your user experience even better. If you want to check out a free demo of the cPanel, Hostgator offers this on their website and it’s worth checking out so you can get familiar with how it operates.

Customer Service

Doteasy has a great knowledgebase for you to check out. It can help you with those general questions that many people have, and it’s worth looking over even if you haven’t had any issues yet. When you do have a specific question or issue arise, then you can call, live chat, or submit a ticket. However, while most hosts will offer 24/7 customer service when you want to talk to someone, Doteasy does have specific hours that you can get a hold of them, so you’ll want to be ready for that if you have an issue outside of those hours.

They have a thirty day money back guarantee that is fast and easy to use without a lot of hassle. This gave me plenty of time to check everything out and test the features.


While Doteasy was easy to work with and had all the tools I needed to get started online, it did lack a few of those features I’ve grown to love from hosts like Hostgator. You can use both of their money back guarantees to compare the two hosts and see which one is right for you.

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