HostMetro Coupons

HostMetro Coupons – An up to date listing of all the latest February 2018 HostMetro Webhosting Coupon and Discount Codes. Save big with HostMetro.

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HostMetro Webhosting – February 2018

With all of the choices you make in a day, it can be difficult to add one more if your thinking about starting a blog or company website. In fact, you may already manage one and want to get to know the process of migrating that site to another hosting company. Whatever your reason is for wanting to have a webhost on your team, be sure you take the time to make the right decision. If you’re thinking about using HostMetro webhost, then here is what they are all about.

HostMetro Coupons

Plans and Pricing

There are two main plans that come with HostMetro, and they both come at a very low price. The first one is the Mega Max hosting, and it will start at around $3 a month if you sign up for 2 to 3 years, plus it can be pretty easy to get some great deals on this plan so you keep your start-up costs down. It comes with all of the things you would expect from a host such as a free domain name and site builders.

The next plan on the list is the Super Max plan and it will be around $7 a month if you sign up for 3 years. You get all of the features that the mega Max offers, plus you get some addition SEO services such as consultations and a free e-book to help get you started.

Control Panel

HostMetro uses the cPanel for their control panel needs, and that is a good thing because the cPanel has won awards for being so user friendly and easy to navigate. This control panel is critiqued by both professionals and amateurs, and they both agree it is simple enough for someone new, while still having the advanced features a pro needs.

Customer Service

HostMetro offers 24/7 customer service via chat and phone, and have a knowledgebase that is going to give you a lot of information to help get you started, and then keep you going. Their customer support can be a little inconsistent at times, and it may be better to go with a host like Hostgator that offers superior customer support if you feel you are going to need to speak to someone often, or you expect to get immediate feedback.

HostMetro offers a 30 day money back guarantee so you don’t have to truly commit to anything until you have taken it for a test drive. They want to ensure that you are confident in their ability to take care of you and all of your online needs. If you are ever in doubt of the company you should go with, be sure you take advantage of their guarantees, but make sure they don’t charge you a cancellation fee.


While HostMetro gives you what you need to have a website that thrives, it won’t be able to take you as far as a webhost like Hostgator. If you are looking at HostMetro as an option for your hosting needs, be sure you check out all of the plans at Hostgator first so you don’t miss out on anything.

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HostMetro Review

HostMetro Review – An overview and review of the HostMetro Webhosting Platform. Is HostMetro worth its cost? Find out here in this webhosting review article.

There are some people who are naturally list makers, and when it comes to choosing a webhost you should take a cue from those that put things on paper. While there are quite a few unique services from a webhost that you are in search of, there will also be a lot of general areas of service that you need to know you can rely on. The general needs is what we are going to look at, and then a few extra features that HostMetro offers.


Customer Service

HostMetro has 24/7 customer service via chat and phone. While they were quick to get back to me at certain times, they were very inconsistent at other times. It was also difficult to talk to a different person every time I called or chatted, and they were never on the same page as one another. I would get many different answers and ways to solve the same problem. Hostgator is a much more consistent company when it comes to customer support.

The thirty day money back guarantee was nice, but it took awhile to actually see the money show back up in my account. I did have to call one to check and make sure that the cancellation went through, but once I got that resolved, I didn’t have any issues.


The plans they offer are good, but they are limited in comparison to other hosting companies like Hostgator. The more years you sign on for, the better your price is going to be, which can be great for start up costs. But it is hard to grow your online presence with HostMetro because there isn’t much room to move up in plans. You get what you pay for and that’s fine, however be prepared to be a limited in some areas. Make sure you know what you and your company needs are in a host and look for that in the packages offered.

Control Panel

HostMetro uses the cPanel, and you got to love it. The cPanel is going to treat you well no matter how big or small you need your website to be. It is easy to maneuver around, and if you are just starting out, it’s a good idea to play around on the panel for a few hours so you get a feel for it. You don’t want to miss out on some pretty amazing tools because you didn’t even know they were available to you.


HostMetro offers you the packages you need to get your website up and running, but remember that you get what you pay for with this one. They are not going to be able to take you to the next level of webhosting that many of us hope we will need once we get going and gain that traffic we want. A company like Hostgator will probably be a better place to start. Use their 45 day money back guarantee first, and then if you decide they don’t fit your needs, look back into HostMetro.

Are you interested in signing up for HostMetro? If so I highly recommend that you first check out our recently published listing of hostmetro webhosting coupons.


Hostgator vs HostMetro

Hostgator vs HostMetro Webhosting Review and Comparison – Find out which of these two webhosting companies is the best solution for hosting your website with.

There are some hosts that can outshine all of their competitors, but this can’t be brought to anyone’s attention until you compare them side-by-side. HostMetro and Hostgator both have a lot going for them, and they are worth looking into, however one of them just outperforms the other. They both offer services that will get your online venture where you need it to be, but it’s really about how efficient they do it.

HostMetro Webhosting

Customer Support

Both companies offer 24/7 customer support, but Hostgator just does it better. They are more consistent when getting back to you. And while HostMetro can be speedy in their response, you can’t count on this every time. Another problem with HostMetro’s customer service is that you can get multiple responses to one question. Basically, every person you talk to gives you a different method or answer. Hostgator has it together a little more and you get more consistent answers and they communicate a little better among themselves, so you see the progression in your response instead of starting from square one with every call.

You get a 30 day money back guarantee with HostMetro and 45 days with Hostgator. This is more than enough time to make your choice, and Hostgator gives you an extra 2 weeks so you don’t feel rushed to make the decision.


The main plans that HostMetro has are comprehensive and you save money the longer you sign on with them, but you will see limitations as your company grows, and the bigger you get you can expect to migrate because their plans can be easy to grow out of.

Hostgator has plans for everyone, whether you are a large corporation, a local business, or a personal blogger. They make it easy to move throughout their services and never have to migrate due to not having the services you want. Both companies offer competitive pricing, and HostMetro is going to be a little cheaper, but remember, you get what you pay for.

Control Panel

You get the cPanel with both hosts, and with Hostgator you get a free demo so can check out what you are getting before you even have to choose a plan. This is a great way to familiarize yourself with the control panel, and is just one of those nice touches that make working with Hostgator a pleasure.

HostMetro has some great features such as 2 website builders, SEO tutorials for the Super Max plan, and a free domain name. But they still just can’t quite compare to Hostgators amount of features with the Weebly website builder, applications hosting, dedicated servers, Business on Tapp, and then some. Hostgator knows the necessary features that every customer is going to look for, or need to use at one time.

How They Compare

While there is a place for HostMetro in the webhosting world, it is not the best choice for everyone. Hostgator wins this comparison because they have plans for everyone at every level, so you never have to worry about migrating. Plus their customer service is going to be able to help you more consistently and efficiently. But, you should decide for yourself, take advantage of Hostgators 45 day money back guarantee today.


StartLogic Coupons

StartLogic Coupons – An up to date listing of all the latest February 2018 StartLogic Webhosting Coupon and Discount Codes. Save big with StartLogic.

Usage Instructions: In order to take advantage of the special StartLogic discount codes listed below, simply click on your choice coupon link and the offer will automatically become available to you at checkout.

**Top StartLogic Discount Coupons as of 18th February 2018**

StartLogic Webhosting – February 2018

There are many webhosts out their fighting to get your attention because they know you’re ready to migrate hosts, or to start fresh with your online marketing plan or blog. You’ve probably run across some really great companies that you feel could give you what you need to hit the ground running. StartLogic is a great option for you if you’re ready to get started and work with a host that can help make it happen. Here are a few things about them to guide you in the right direction.

StartLogic Coupons

What they stand for.

As you start to look at the different webhost companies you begin to see that they all have a specific niche that they are a part of. Some are great at keeping the tech talk to a minimum, while others make it a point to be as involved in the jargon as possible. Well, one of StartLogic’s focuses is being great for start-ups. They make it easy to start your own website, and then make it even easier by writing the content and designing the pages if you need them to.

Customer Support

StartLogic offers 24/7 customer support via live chat and phone calls, and also offers a ticket submission system and a knowledgebase that has your basic questions answered. They use simple language when answering your questions so you don’t get overwhelmed or confused, but if you need answers that are a little more technical, they can help you with that as well. Webhosts like Hostgator are able to handle more advanced situations that may arise, so keep that in mind when choosing.

You get a 30 day money back guarantee with your purchase, and this is a great way to decide if you want to use StartLogic. They want to be sure that you are comfortable with their services before you decide to commit, and the 30 day trial is a great way for them to do this.


There are three basic plans that start with the Express Plan. This plan is going to be for people at the absolute beginning. There are quite a few limitations when compared to the other starting plans such as the Hatchling Plan from Hostgator. With StartLogic you don’t have a site builder and you miss out on a lot of good plugins. But the upgrade to the Pro Plan for a dollar more would be the smart choice, however you will still be missing out on a few goodies, and for only a few more dollars you can get the Supercharge Plan. The Supercharge Plan offers you all of the ecommerce tools and blogging tools you will need. This will run you around $9 a month. They offer VPS hosting as well.


StartLogic does a great job for those who are just getting started, and they will make your life much easier if you don’t want to get too terribly involved in the tech aspect of running a website. While other companies like Hostgator can offer you more in your plan as you decide to move up, if your just starting out and don’t plan to get very large, then StartLogic will take all of the heavy lifting out for you.

If interested in learning more about our #1 recommendation (Hostgator), click here. Additionally be sure to check out our listing of 2018 hostgator discount codes.


StartLogic Review

StartLogic Review – An overview and review of the StartLogic Webhosting Platform. Is StartLogic worth its cost? Find out here in this webhosting review article.

When you have a business that needs to have an online presence, then the best place to start is by looking for a webhost that can handle where you want to be. You want to choose a webhost that isn’t going to waste your time with jargon talk and confuse you, you want someone that is going to make the process easy, quick, and give you the results you are looking for. Don’t just choose the first company you notice, make sure you take the time in this decision and do your research. Here are few things that StartLogic has to offer if you’re thinking about them.


What they’re about.

StartLogic wants to help you out when you are at square one of the website building process. You really don’t need a lot of experience to get going with StartLogic, and this can be a great thing, but it can also be not such a great thing if you don’t want to incur any extra costs that can add up when you want more features.

What their plans are like.

There Supercharge Plan has everything you should expect from a webhost, and I would say just go ahead and start with this one even though it is going to be a little more expensive. The Express and Pro plans have a lot to offer, but they are lacking a few of the main features that you would want in a comprehensive plan such as a site builder and ecommerce options.

They also offer VPS hosting services, but they don’t expand as far in options either. Hostgator has plans that go beyond the reach of StartLogic, so be sure you check them out as well if you are in the market for a new webhost, or are going to migrate hosts.

How’s their customer service?

They offer 24/7 customer support and you can get ahold of them through live chat and phone calls, and you can also submit a ticket. They are fast to respond, and have a decent knowledgebase that is filled with answers to common questions, but it doesn’t get very in depth. The simplicity is nice, but there were times I could have used a little more tech talk to get the resolution I wanted.

You also get a 30 day money back guarantee so you if you don’t have the experience you were hoping to, then you can easily cancel your plan and get a refund.

Is their control panel easy to use?

The vDeck 3.0 makes it simple for beginners to use, and there are a lot of tutorials available if you get stuck on something. However, if you want a control panel that is a little more advanced and just as easy to use, you may want to check out Hostgator’s free demo of the cPanel.

What’s their review rating?

If you are a beginner and planning on keeping your online presence humble, then StartLogic will give you everything you need to make that happen. But, if you want more options and better plans, then you’ll want to test out a host like Hostgator.

Are you interested in signing up for HostNine? If so I highly recommend that you first check out our recently published listing of startlogic webhosting coupons.


Hostgator vs StartLogic

Hostgator vs StartLogic Webhosting Review and Comparison – Find out which of these two webhosting companies is the best solution for hosting your website with.

When you have a webhost that can provide you with the key services it takes to make your business or blog thrive online, then you know you’re in a good place. There are some hosts in the industry that have really high standards when it comes to performing their services to you. StartLogic and Hostgator are two hosts that are continually competing in order to do just that. Here’s how they compare.

StartLogic Webhosting

Control Panel

When it comes to control panels you just can’t go wrong with the award winning cPanel that Hostgator uses. They offer a free demo before you make any decisions and it definitely checking out. The cPanel is great for newbies and seasoned pros so you can make it as simple or advanced as is necessary for you.

StartLogic uses the vDeck 3.0 that is great for beginners and very simple to use, but once you get into more advanced methods of running a website, it just doesn’t keep up quite as well.


Hostgator offers plans for every person and their needs. They really have well-rounded packages for people at the first level, and they move up nicely to plans that can support a Fortune 500 company. They are able to be as technical as you need them to be, but can also tone it down for you if you aren’t quite there yet.

StartLogic offers amazing plans for start-ups and anyone who is not trying to grow a bigger business, but maintain a humble existence online. This is great for a lot of businesses and personal blogs, but may not be exactly what you need. Be sure you have put it in writing exactly what you are trying to accomplish with your website, and what you expect in a plan and hosting company.

Customer Service

Both Hostgator and StartLogic offer some great customer service options. You have live chat and phone calls, ticket submissions, and a knowledgebase for those common questions that you may have that doesn’t require a one-on-one conversation. Hostgator has more extensive articles and research tools for you, but this is also because they offer more in their plans, so they have a bit more to cover. StartLogic has a nice and simple way of explaining things to you when you are just starting out because they are excellent when it comes to working with beginners.

Hostgator gives you 45 day money back guarantee and StartLogic gives you a 30 day one. Neither gives you any hassle when you decide to cancel your plan, and you will soon see the money put back in your account.

The Winner

In the battle between Hostgator and StartLogic, Hostgator wins the trophy. They just have more to offer when you want to see your website grow and thrive in whatever industry you are in. If you still don’t know, then be sure you use Hostgator’s 45 day money back guarantee. It’s worth a try and you really have nothing to lose.


GreenGeeks Coupons

GreenGeeks Coupons – An up to date listing of all the latest February 2018 GreenGeeks Webhosting Coupon and Discount Codes. Save big with GreenGeeks.

Usage Instructions: In order to take advantage of the special GreenGeeks discount codes listed below, simply click on your choice coupon link and the offer will automatically become available to you at checkout.

**Top GreenGeeks Discount Coupons as of 18th February 2018**

GreenGeeks Webhosting – February 2018

One of the best things a webhost company can do for you is be completely open about what services they offer and what they stand for. Finding that the webhosting company you chose has hidden fees can be unnerving and leave you wondering what else they could charge you for that you didn’t know about. GreenGeeks Web Host is an up front company that has a passion for the environment. While they may not be the oldest host in the business, they have certainly made it to being one of the best.

GreenGeeks Coupons

Environmental Passion

You will find many of the Webhosting companies out there are environmentally friendly and trying to reduce their carbon footprint. A lot of them purchase wind energy credits. GreenGeeks are recognized by the EPA as a Green Power Partner, among other awards and credits given to them by other green companies. But GreenGeeks take it to the next level and they are diligent recyclers in the office and make sure they only print when absolutely necessary. They go as paper free as possible.

They take turns bringing potluck style meals to the office in order to reduce the amount of trash that comes with carry out or delivery, and they encourage people who live far away from the office to work remotely to save on travel pollution that comes with long commutes. Basically, they go above and beyond for Mother Nature, and encourage you to do the same.

Plans and Prices

GreenGeeks offers one major shared hosting plan for around $4 at the introductory rate. This plan has all that you need for your personal blog or small business including a free domain name, unlimited email, bandwidth, and disk space, and a ton of other great features and benefits. It’s a one size fits all. And while it isn’t going to handle larger corporations that someone like Hostgator handles, for a beginner you really can’t go wrong for the price and the plan.

There are also many options for reseller hosting, and to stay in their theme of being green, those plans start with the seed plan at around $20 a month and 50 GB SSD of storage and 500 GB of bandwidth. Then you have the option of moving up to the Sprout plan, Plant plan, Tree plan, and then finally the Forest Plan that offers 200 GB SSD of storage and 2000GB of bandwidth, and runs about $100 a month.

The VPS hosting is going have to a variety of options to get your business going online. You can also be an affiliate. And if you aren’t sure what plan to get, then you are encouraged to speak to a representative so they can place you in the plan that best suits your needs.


GreenGeeks is a great company that does superb work for both their customers and the environment. If you have plans to grow your business on a much larger scale, then you may want to go with a host like Hostgator that offers more plan options and features, but if you’re a beginner then GreenGeeks will help you get started.

If interested in learning more about our #1 recommendation (Hostgator), click here. Additionally be sure to check out our listing of 2018 hostgator discount codes.


GreenGeeks Review

GreenGeeks Review – An overview and review of the GreenGeeks Webhosting Platform. Is GreenGeeks worth its cost? Find out here in this webhosting review article.

Looking at the fine print is always a best practice when choosing a web hosting company. You want to ensure that your host is going to be the best when it comes to things like speed, customer support, control panel, and other features that make your user experience the most productive and positive. You also want to know that everything is laid out for you in the simple and easy to understand terms so you never get hit with hidden fees. Here is how GreenGeeks faired in a few of these categories.


Customer Support

GreenGeeks offers 24/7 customer support via live chat and phone call as well as email. They were pretty quick to respond and I was pleased with the thorough answers I received for the problems I inquired about. Their knowledgebase is well done and easy to find answers in. They offer video tutorials that can really help speed up the learning process.

They offer a thirty day guarantee that was very easy to use, and they let me cancel quickly and without a lot of hassle. This was a great way to test out their services and the thirty days gave me plenty of time to check out all of their features.

Understandable Plans and Prices

The plans and prices offered by GreenGeeks were easy to understand and didn’t have any hidden fees. While they don’t have the variety of shared plans that Hostgator has, they are great for beginners. And when I called to ask what kind of plan I should get, they didn’t try to upsell me, but actually recommended the right size plan for what I was inquiring about.


You have a lot of features to help make the most out of your hosting experience. You get a free domain name, unlimited bandwidth and disk space, and a website builder that gives you the professional look that so many businesses strive for. The also have a lot of ‘how to’ tutorials that are filled with information about starting a blog, creating a website, and much more.

Control Panel

The cPanel is incredibly user friendly and great for people starting out, as well as those who have more experience with control panels. You’ll find that with the cPanel, there is very little confusion about where certain tools are located, and you won’t have a problem using them once you have spent a little time playing around on the panel.


Beginners just can’t go wrong with GreenGeeks. They do a great job of taking care of the environment, as well as taking care of their customers. However, if you plan on expanding your business, then you may want to check out a host like Hostgator because they offer more plans that are designed for both large and small businesses, as well as individuals who are using their website for things such as personal blogs. Both of these hosts offer money back guarantees, so this may be a good time to head on over and check them out.

Are you interested in signing up for GreenGeeks? If so I highly recommend that you first check out our recently published listing of greengeeks webhosting coupons.


Hostgator vs GreenGeeks

Hostgator vs GreenGeeks Webhosting Review and Comparison – Find out which of these two webhosting companies is the best solution for hosting your website with.

With the online marketing world growing, more and more people are turning to web hosting companies to help fulfill their needs. But, like the dating world, once you put yourself out there, you may find that you really don’t know where to begin. Well, one of the best ways is to research until you find your top four hosting companies or so, and then start comparing them one by one. This way you’ll be able to see all of the different features each host can offer. Today we’re going to look at GreenGeeks and Hostgator and how they compete against each other in quite a few areas of hosting.

GreenGeeks Webhosting


Both hosting companies offer some great plans that are priced competitively for the features they offer. Hostgator does have a few more plans to choose from that can be a little more custom tailored for your exact needs. Plus they offer windows hosting to give you a well-rounded grouping of plans to choose from.


GreenGeeks and Hostgator both offer some great features that will help you get going on your website. They have site builders that can give your website an amazing look, and both are easy to use. Hostgator uses Weebly that has some wonderful aspects of its own, and creates a fantastic look. GreenGeek uses an RVSiteBuilder that comes with plenty of templates and is a blast to use. Hostgator offers the app Business on Tapp that gives some great advice on how to stay motivated with your online marketing plan, how to get one started, and some great expert advice to guide you along the way so you never skip a beat.

Customer Service

The customer service offered by both was fast and efficient. They both use the ticket submission system, live chat and phone calls, as well as emails. Hostgator was just a little bit faster at getting back to me, and handled the complex questions more seamlessly. This could be because they have been in business almost a decade longer than GreenGeek, and they just have the years of experience behind them to get you the answers you need without having to ask quite so many questions.

Hostgator offers a 45 day money back guarantee, and GreenGeek gives you 30 days. This is plenty of time to decide if they are right for you. There wasn’t any trouble cancelling the plans and the money was put back into my account within two weeks. Even though thirty days was a fair amount of time to make the decision, it was still nice to have an extra two weeks to dig a little deeper into the features and knowledge-base.


This is a tough one because both hosts offer such great services and features, but Hostgator just shines a little brighter because their experience shows in a lot of areas such as customer service, and their knowledge-base is a little richer as well. If you still don’t know which on you would prefer then you should go ahead and take them up on their guarantees to see for yourself.


A Small Orange Coupons

A Small Orange Coupons – An up to date listing of all the latest February 2018 A Small Orange Webhosting Coupon and Discount Codes. Save big with A Small Orange.

Usage Instructions: In order to take advantage of the special A Small Orange discount codes listed below, simply click on your choice coupon link and the offer will automatically become available to you at checkout.

**Top A Small Orange Discount Coupons as of 18th February 2018**

A Small Orange Webhosting – February 2018

A Small Orange is a hosting provider that claims to deliver a powerful and exceptional hosting service. With its various hosting plans ranging from shared hosting to dedicated servers, A Small Orange aims to diversify its market and cater to the different needs of its customers. Use our A Small Orange coupons and A Small Orange Promotional Codes listed above to drastically reduce the price of your A Small Orange webhosting plan.

A Small Orange Coupons

What sets A Small Orange apart from other hosting providers is the fact that it doesn’t give customers unrealistic expectations. We can easily claim that a lot of web hosts in the internet today offer “unlimited plans”. However, to take advantage of these unlimited features, one has to purchase expensive upgrades in order to meet customer expectations and needs. With A Small Orange, customers don’t have to pay for such unmet expectations, and instead entices customers to only pay for the resources that they need.

A Small Orange acknowledges the diversity of the market. There are people who purchase hosting plans to meet their personal needs, while there are those growing businesses and start-ups who want to utilise the power of technology for e-commerce. Whatever the purpose is, A Small Orange has made sure that these different layers of concerns are attended to, which explains their wide-ranging plan offerings.

Of course, A Small Orange’s basic plan is the shared hosting. This plan allows customers like you to boost online presence with the guidance of A Small Orange’s highly-proficient support team. The business hosting plan aims to complement an existing business with a reliable and affordable professional hosting. The reseller hosting plan allows users to resell A Small Orange’s hosting services and get profit from it.

A Small Orange also offers a cloud VPS hosting which seamlessly scales your hosting resources as your needs evolve. The host’s semi-dedicated hosting plan is seen as a big advantage especially because its provides the same power and reliability as dedicated servers at a more affordable price. And of course, the decimated servers plan offer strong servers that are highly customised for optimal performance.

A Small Orange’s goal is to allow its customers to focus on their businesses by doing most of the functions necessary for the hosting to work. With the host’s Clementine Managed Hosting feature, you only have to get the power speed and performance of your own server, and A Small Orange will handle the administration, updates, and optimisations of the hosting.

Another feature that the web hosting provides is website designing. This is especially designed for people who don’t have significant experience in designing, developing, and launching a website. A Small Orange offers web designing plans for those who only want a simple web presence, and also for those who really want to profit online.

A Small Orange has a highly-trained technical support team that will assist customers if they encounter hosting-related issues. The team listens to the concerns of the customers. If the customer wants to upgrade his plan, A Small Orange’s technical support will happily assist until the completion of the process.

Atop from all that, A Small Orange promises an environment-friendly practice of its business operations. Apparently, there are a lot of reasons to love A Small Orange web hosting. Its presence is continually growing as it caters to the different needs and capacities to pay of the online market.

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