Hostgator vs WestHost

Hostgator vs WestHost Webhosting Review and Comparison – Find out which of these two webhosting companies is the best solution for hosting your website with.

If you have been researching for a webhost you can migrate to, or you are just getting ready to dip your toes in running your own small business website, then you have a lot to do. And one of those things that need to come first is choosing a webhost company. The best way to know which one is going to be for you is to start by comparing the ones that you are torn between. WestHost and Hostgator are two great choices, but in the end you are going to need to decide on the one that offers you the best deal for the best services. Here is how these two hosts stack up against each other.

WestHost Webhosting

Plans and Pricing

Both of these hosting companies offer plans that will get your business the online presence you are looking for, however Hostgator wins when it comes with plans and pricing – hands down. Hostgator offers unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and emails. They offer these with the Hatchling Plan for an introductory rate of around $3, and sometimes less depending on if you get a coupon, or if they are running a special. If you want these features when it comes to WestHost, you are going to have to start at around $12 a month.

When you’re starting a business, these start-up costs can make a huge difference in your budget. Another great aspect of Hostgator’s plans over WestHost is they can really grow with your business. So if you are just starting out, but have some pretty big plans for your website, then Hostgator is going to be your better partner as you generate more traffic and sales.


Both hosts have some pretty great features like the cPanel for the control panel that is easy to use for beginners, and has all of the advanced features that seasoned pros love. They both have email features that will give you all of the emails you need to run a successful business, however WestHost does limit this a bit when you are using their most basic plan and Hostgator has unlimited features right off the bat.

Customer Service

They both offer 24/7 customer support, and are quick to respond. Neither gave me too much tech talk, and I was able to get my questions answered with complete understanding and thoroughness. Hostgators knowledgebase had a little more information, plus they offer Business on Tapp that helped answer some questions with their expert advice on marketing and running a website.

You get a thirty-day money back guarantee with WestHost, and a 45 day one with Hostgator. This was more than enough time for me to test all of the features that they offer, and really dig into what it would be like to partner up with these companies.

The Winner

While both of these hosts are top of the line when it comes to features, services, and plans, Hostgator takes this one because they offer more in their plans for less money, and they can really help your business flourish if you are thinking long term growth.


Lunarpages Coupons

Lunarpages Coupons – An up to date listing of all the latest February 2018 Lunarpages Webhosting Coupon and Discount Codes. Save big with Lunarpages.

Usage Instructions: In order to take advantage of the special Lunarpages discount codes listed below, simply click on your choice coupon link and the offer will automatically become available to you at checkout.

**Top Lunarpages Discount Coupons as of 18th February 2018**

Lunarpages Webhosting – February 2018

Every company has it’s own unique qualities to offer it’s customers, and webhosts are no different. While some continually compete with each at the top tier level, and can seem to be the same when you are just starting out, you’ll find the more seasoned you get that they can actually be quite different.

And you’ll want to take notice of these differences so you can be sure that you are making the right choice for you and the statement you are trying to make online. Here is what Lunarpages Webhosting is all about when it comes to services and features.

Lunarpages Coupons

What they are about

When it comes to tech talk, Lunarpages has got it down. They have been around since 1998, and take their business very seriously. There is no fluff when it comes to the services they offer, and they are a straightforward group that plans to be around for many years to come. They are at the forefront of the industry, and will be one to watch in the upcoming years as webhosting companies begin to shift and grow, or lose steam and phase out.

Plans and Pricing

When it comes to plans, they have it all. They have plans for every kind of business you could possibly want to run, and then they have their shared hosting plans that make it easy to get you started.

If you are starting out they offer Starter Hosting for around $4 as the introductory rate, but also factor in that you will have to buy your domain name with this plan for about $20. The other plans all come with one free domain name. That is why it would be wise to just go ahead and start with the Basic Hosting plan for about $5 to begin, this way you will get the domain.

Then the plans grow on up until you finally reach the Business Enterprise Hosting for around $65 a month. This is for those larger companies that need more speed and more room to get the job done.

Customer Service

The customer is service is great, and you have the option of live chat, email, phone, or ticket submission. They have a knowledgebase that offers video tutorials, a community forum, and the Lunerpages Wiki that they created in order to help you with those common questions.

You get a 30 day money back guarantee with Lunarpages. They want to make it easy for you to test out their services to ensure that you are with the right hosting company for your needs. While they offer everything they can to make sure your experience is a positive one, they know that some hosts like Hostgator may be easier to use for people just starting out.


Lunarpages has a lot to offer businesses both large and small, and while all of their features and plans are great, for what they offer the price could be a little better like Hostgator. They keep up with all of the tech talk and jargon in the maket, but this can make starting out a little tricky of you aren’t up to speed yet on what it all means.

If interested in learning more about our #1 recommendation (Hostgator), click here. Additionally be sure to check out our listing of 2018 hostgator discount codes.


Lunarpages Review

Lunarpages Review – An overview and review of the Lunarpages Webhosting Platform. Is Lunarpages worth its cost? Find out here in this webhosting review article.

When it comes to your webhost, you should be very particular when you are ranking your webhost and make sure that you are looking at the most important details such as speed, customer service, plans and price, and features like site builders. If this is your first time working with a webhost, then you may not be familiar with how to use and set up certain features such as emails. And if you are looking to migrate your host then the control panel may be the most important feature to you. Here is how Lunarpages looked for those that are new in the mix, and those that have been here since the beginning.


Plans and Pricing

Boy, does Lunarpages have a lot of plans to choose from. They offer a wide variety of plans that will get you where you are going, and then take you to the next level. While you have to be sure to read over the plans with a fine tooth comb to make sure you don’t have to pay extra for anything such as the domain name, you are sure to find one that will suit your needs.

I wasn’t too happy that with their basic plan did not come with a domain name, and ended up costing an extra $20. Once I realized how limited the plan was, I went ahead and moved up to a plan the next level up that did come with a domain name, but I had already spent the money. This was one problem I had with the Lunarpages, and that was I got really confused about what features came with what plans. And it seemed every time I clicked on a plan, it would take me to another plan that had better features, but a higher price, so I started to feel like I was getting upsold.

Customer Service

They had great customer service that is 24/7 and you can reach them via live chat, phone, ticket submission, and email. They were really fast and started out with some serious tech talk. Once they saw the level that I was on though, they toned it down and made it very easy for me to understand what my next steps where.

Their 30 day money back guarantee was easy to use and gave me plenty of time to test all of their services. The money was put back into my account promptly and I was on my way with no worries


Lunarpages is one of the best companies in the industry, and it is easy to see why. While their prices are not as good as Hostgators, and they don’t really have the time to help people who are newer on the scene out, they definitely have a lot going on to make your user experience a great one.

The best thing you can do is look for a Hostgator coupon or test out their 45 day money back guarantee, and if they don’t get the job done that you want them to then cancel your plan and test out Lunarpages 30 day guarantee. This way you know you made the right choice.

Are you interested in signing up for Lunarpages? If so I highly recommend that you first check out our recently published listing of lunarpages webhosting coupons.


Hostgator vs Lunarpages

Hostgator vs Lunarpages Webhosting Review and Comparison – Find out which of these two webhosting companies is the best solution for hosting your website with.

It’s a great idea when you are choosing a new webhost company, to dissect them from many different angles. While some can look similar in what they feature and their prices, there are some very big differences that can end up making a huge difference in how well you succeed in your online endeavor. Make sure that you compare the features that you are going to be using most often such as customer service, and the ones that your audience will see when they come to your website. Here is how Lunarpages and Hostgator compare.

Lunarpages Webhosting

Plans and Pricing

Hostgator has easy to understand plans at some of the best prices around, and when you compare these two hosts side by side they are much easier to understand than Lunarpages. There are a few extra fees when it comes to Lunarpages, and their plans are so packed with information it can actually be kind of hard to know what you are getting with the plans, and what is going to be extra.

They are both capable of taking care of companies that are going to have a lot of heavy traffic, as well as new people who are just starting out on their online journey, Hostgator offers the newcomers a warmer welcome though and keeps the tech talk to a minimum when it comes to helping out.

Customer Service

You can’t go wrong with either of these company’s customer service options. They both go for 24/7 and have live chat, emails, ticket submissions, and phone calls. Both were extremely easy to get a hold of and answered my questions thoroughly. It took Lunarpages a minute to lay off the tech talk because they were a little over my head if I were a beginner, but once I expressed that, they had no problems catering to me.

They both offer a money back guarantee, Hostgators being 45 days and Lunarpages being 30 days. This was more than enough time to decide which host I liked better. It was nice having those extra 15 day from Hostgator and this really allowed me to dig into the features more. It was easy cancel and both put the money back in my account quickly.

The Winner

This is one of the hardest battles out there, but the winner is going to have to be Hostgator because their plans were just as good as Lunarpages and at a better price. Plus there weren’t any hidden fees to worry about. They kept the tech talk to a minimum unless I needed them to start getting into the more advanced questions.

If you still aren’t sure which hosting company is for you, then take advantage of their money back guarantees to help make you decision. Be sure you test out all of the features they offer such as Hostgators Business on Tapp. You will happy that you did your research once you have a host that will take care of all your needs.


WebHostingHub Coupons

WebHostingHub Coupons – An up to date listing of all the latest February 2018 WebHostingHub Webhosting Coupon and Discount Codes. Save big with WebHostingHub.

Usage Instructions: In order to take advantage of the special WebHostingHub discount codes listed below, simply click on your choice coupon link and the offer will automatically become available to you at checkout.

**Top WebHostingHub Discount Coupons as of 18th February 2018**

WebHostingHub Webhosting – February 2018

There are a lot of reasons why someone would want to start working with a webhost. And when you decide to make that move, it truly can feel like a leap of faith because of all of the companies and reviews out there. It can be mind boggling with all of the features that hosts offer, and everything that is factored in when running a successful company website or blog.

You count on your webhost to be there when you need them and offer the support that is necessary. WebHostingHub is a contender that you should be aware of, and here is a few things about them that will help you get started.

WebHostingHub Coupons

What they stand for

This is a newer hosting company compared to many of the hosting companies out there. They have been around about 5 years, and have gone quite far when comparing them to other hosts that have come before them. While they seem to be a little lost right now in terms of discovering who they are, and everything they stand for, they do offer a lot to offer their customers. They are definitely one to watch as they progress in the future.

Pricing and Plans

Webhostinghub has three main plans to get you going, and the Spark Plan starts around $5 for the introductory rate, and offers all that a beginner would need. This plan does have some limitations though such as sub and parked domains, and MySQLdatabases. That is why it would probably be best to go with the Nitro Plan for around $7 a month introductory, and then you get more unlimited options. But if you want the faster and more jam-packed plan the Dynamo for around $9 would be the best choice.

Now, one thing to make sure you are cautious of when choosing one of these plans is make sure that there are no hidden fees. You do have to pay for back-ups separately per month if this is something that is important to you. While these are good plans, Hostgator does offer better pricing and a little bit more for you in each plan so they are worth checking out as well.

Customer Service

You get 24/7 customer support and have the options of live chat, phone call, email, and ticket submission. They have plenty of areas to offer you guidance such as a help center, tutorials and a community center. There is plenty of information in there for every stage of owning a website.

You get a 90 day money back guarantee if you choose to go with WebhostingHub. They want to ensure that you are satisfied with their purchase and make it easy for you decide that they may not offer everything you need You have plenty of time to test all of their services and features before parting ways.


WebhostingHub gets rated highly because of the services they offer, and the fact that they can work with any business to get them where they want to be with their website, but it will be at a price. Hostgator offers more comprehensive plans at a better price.

If interested in learning more about our #1 recommendation (Hostgator), click here. Additionally be sure to check out our listing of 2018 hostgator discount codes.


WebHostingHub Review

WebHostingHub Review – An overview and review of the WebHostingHub Webhosting Platform. Is WebHostingHub worth its cost? Find out here in this webhosting review article.

Our modern world is so full of choices it can be hard to find the right information out there to make a decision. A lot of times the easiest decision you can make is to test the products and services out for yourself. You want to ensure that you are making the right choice when it comes to your business and the presence it makes online. And even if you are running a blog, you are still working your brand and want to showcase it in the most professional and effective way. Here is how WebHostingHub webhosting does.


Plans and Pricing

When going through all of the options of plans, it wasn’t hard to see that while the Spark Plan was good, it did have some limitations, and for the price that they were asking, I was kind of surprised the backups fee was an additional cost in all of the plans. The Nitro and Dynamo plans were the better options, but still left me wanting a few more extra features that I didn’t want to pay a la carte for. Hosting companies like Hostgator better plans at a better price, but WebHostingHub does have the plans that will get you where you want to go.


There were some pretty nice features available such as the site builders, free domain, and the fact that they are part of the green webhosting movement, but they also had a few hidden fees that I was hoping they wouldn’t have. Just make sure you read what is offered in the plan, and don’t expect it to come with much more unless you are ready to pay.

Customer Service

While they have the standard customer service options that are 24/7 such as live chat, email, phone, and ticket submission, they were not the fastest to get back to me, or answer the questions I needed help with. They were quick to sent me to the help center to see if I could find my answer there first before they really wanted to spend time on the call.

And while their help center is thorough and they have a lot of knowledge in it that can help many people, I was kind of bummed that they didn’t want to spend a little more time with me making sure that my issues got dealt with.

There 90 day money back guarantee was easy to use, and they didn’t give me too much grief for leaving, but it did take awhile to see the money put back into my account.


While Webhostinghub was fun and easy to use, their customer service just wasn’t up to the quality that I’m used to with Hostgator, and their prices were higher. Plus, they had a few fees that should be included in the plans, but they were an addition to what you are already paying.

In the end, I would probably recommend testing out Hostgators 45 day money back guarantee first, and if you are not satisfied with them, then check Webhostinghub.

Are you interested in signing up for WebHostingHub? If so I highly recommend that you first check out our recently published listing of webhostinghub webhosting coupons.


Hostgator vs WebHostingHub

Hostgator vs WebHostingHub Webhosting Review and Comparison – Find out which of these two webhosting companies is the best solution for hosting your website with.

It’s never fun to choose a hosting company to help take your business to the next level, only to find out that there was a better one that you overlooked because you did not spend enough time doing your research and testing out the different hosts. Here we compare WebhostingHub and Hostgator to see which one is going to be the better choice for you whether you are thriving company that needs a lot of power, or you are a freelancer just getting started in your online marketing journey.

WebHostingHub Webhosting

Plans and Pricing

When it comes to this category, WebHostingHub just cannot beat Hostgator. Hostgator has more comprehensive plans for the price. Basically they are less expensive and just offer more. While WebhostingHub does have plans that will allow you to take your online business where you want it to go, they do it at a high cost. Plus, Hostgator is able to handle the bigger businesses a little bit better with all of the tools their plans feature.

If you are just starting out, both offer plans that will support your blog or business website. But if you want to choose the one that has better start-up costs, and can help your business as the traffic grows to your site, then Hostgator would the top pick.

Customer Service

This is another category where Hostgator takes home the trophy. They were just much faster to get back to me and did not direct me to the knowledgebase, even if the answer could be found in it. They actually answered my questions. WebhostingHub was not very quick to response and sent me to their help center so I could find the answer in a tutorial, which just kind of wasted my time because I had them on the phone with me and they could have just given me the quick answer I was looking for, and made my experience a more positive one.

Both have a money back guarantee. Hostgator offers 45 days and WebhostingHub offers 90. They both offer more than enough time for you to test all of their features and get comfortable with their service. It took WebhostingHub longer to get the money back into my account, but both were easy to part ways with.


Both offer the standard features that you should come to expect with a hosting company such as site builders and free advertising credits, but Hostgator had a few additions features such as Business on Tapp that really amped up the experience with them.

The Winner

In this competition, Hostgator takes the cake and the crown. Their plans are better quality and a better price, and they have more features and no hidden fees. Plus, their customer service is spot on. WebhostingHub would be a great place to start if you are a beginner, but you’ll see that as you advance, you are going to want to go with a host that has more features like Hostgator.

If you want to check it out for yourself, then use the 45 day money back guarantee because that’s what it’s there for, and it’s easy to use.


InMotion Hosting Coupons

InMotion Hosting Coupons – An up to date listing of all the latest February 2018 InMotion Hosting Webhosting Coupon and Discount Codes. Save big with InMotion Hosting.

Usage Instructions: In order to take advantage of the special InMotion Hosting discount codes listed below, simply click on your choice coupon link and the offer will automatically become available to you at checkout.

**Top InMotion Hosting Discount Coupons as of 18th February 2018**

InMotion Webhosting – February 2018

When you have a hosting company that has been around for over ten years, you can expect that they are going to know their stuff, because basically they are the cream that has risen to the top over this past decade. You can expect the best customer service, control panel, pricing, and comprehensive plans. You also hope that your hosting company can grow with your business and be a lasting online partner. InMotion Hosting Webhost is one of those companies that have set the bar high, and continue to excel at the services they offer.

InMotion Hosting Coupons

What they’re about

It’s important to know that InMotion Hosting is all about being human. They want to treat their customers as well as they treat their staff. They are not fans of automated customer service, and make it a point to show off that they have lots of experience when it comes to hosting. In fact they have over a decade, and most employees on staff have over four years of experience.

They also make a point to present their offices in a way that makes you feel like you are home, rather than filling them with cubicles and neckties. They are trying to mold the workforce in a way that keeps them happy, because they know that this will result in customers being treated better.

Plans and Pricing

You are not limited when it comes to plans at InMotion Hosting. They have everything you need in order to get your business started and then keep it going. While their plans offer many of the same features as Hostgator, InMotion just cannot seem to beat them in price.

When it comes to shared hosting they have the Launch, Power, and Pro plans. Each come with a free domain name, and while the Power is the most recommended, it does not offer ProLevel Support that can be extremely helpful to someone who is new. The prices for these plans range from around $5 a month for the introductory rate, up to $11 a month for the Pro Plan.

Along with shared hosting, customers also have available to them VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, reseller plans, and managed hosting. They offer web design services, as well as offering Launch Assistance. While their features are great per plan, the price per services offered just don’t beat those of Hostgator.

Customer Service

With 24/7 customer service, you are able to reach the people you need when you seek some guidance and help. They also have an exceptionally large knowledgebase available to you with both written and video tutorials. And if they don’t offer the tutorial you are looking for, they offer many references so you can find the information.

They have a 90 day money back guarantee so you can test out the all the services. If you aren’t satisfied with their features, then you can part ways and there is no hard feelings.


InMotion Hosting is a great company that can really get your business where it needs to be. While it isn’t priced as competitively as Hostgator, it still gets the job done and you will be satisfied with the service.

If interested in learning more about our #1 recommendation (Hostgator), click here. Additionally be sure to check out our listing of 2018 hostgator discount codes.


InMotion Hosting Review

InMotion Hosting Review – An overview and review of the InMotion Hosting Webhosting Platform. Is InMotion Hosting worth its cost? Find out here in this webhosting review article.

When breaking a hosting company down and looking at all of the services they offer with a more refined eye, you will find that while the are exceptionally strong in some areas, they can often be weak in others. We know that no company is perfect and that is why it is important to review their services so we know if they offer what out business needs to have a successful online presence. Here are a few areas that you should always look at when choosing a webhosting company and how InMotion Hosting fared.

InMotion Hosting

Plans and Pricing

InMotion Hosting has some great plans that can get you started on you’re journey online. When you have a business it is incredibility important to make sure you choose the right plan that fits all of your needs. And be sure that your webhost makes it easy to move up in plan choices without disruption. InMotion succeeds in both of these areas.

Like most, I started with the Launch Plan, and soon realized it was pretty limited for the price when compared to someone like Hostgator. The Power Plan was great, but I still wanted the ProLevel support, and had to go up one more level to the Pro Plan in order to get this. While each plan did have some great features like site builders and multiple domains, there were a few limitations.

Control Panel

The cPanel was easy to use and is very popular among some of the best hosting companies out there like InMotion Hosting and Hostgator. This control panel is award winning and it isn’t hard to see why once you get started navigating it. It has some great features that are awesome for the beginner, as well as someone who has been in the industry since the cPanel came into exsistance.

Customer Support

One of the goals of InMotion Hosting is to show their human side, and that they certainly do. It was very easy to get ahold someone to help answer my questions, but they also provide ticket submissions and an email address, as well as the live chat and phone call.

Their knowledgebase is one of the biggest I’ve seen and is very thorough in giving beginners and experts the information that they need in order to get everything set up and running seamlessly.

They offer a 90 money back guarantee, giving you plenty if time to test all of their features multiple times over, so not only do you get to see if you like them, but you get to use them to the point of getting familiar enough to notice the little details. This was easy to cancel and there was no hassle when I called.


InMotion Hosting offers everything you need in order to ensure your business or blog gets all of the features necessary to be successful. However, for the services offered Hostgator has a better price and does just as well, if not a little better, so I would recommend starting with them and their 45 day money back guarantee.

Are you interested in signing up for InMotion Hosting? If so I highly recommend that you first check out our recently published listing of InMotion webhosting coupons.


Hostgator vs InMotion Hosting

Hostgator vs InMotion Webhosting Review and Comparison – Find out which of these two webhosting companies is the best solution for hosting your website with.

Comparing webhost companies is important when you are deciding to migrate hosts, or if you are just started out on the path of joining the online world to promote your business or blog. Make sure you look at some the key services that all webhost companies should provide. And even if those services are offered, you should definitely know whether they are going to be up to the standards that you want them to be. Here are a few ways that InMotion Hosting and Hostgator compare side by side.

InMotion Comparison

Plans and Pricing

Both of these hosts offer competitive plans when it comes to reseller plans, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, and shared hosting. Hostgator had better prices for services offered, and it was also easier to find coupons and other discounts when it came to using Hostgator. Plus, Hostgator also offers a few more plans that get specific to the needs of the individual blog and freelancer.

Control Panel

InMotion Hosting and Hostgator both use the famous cPanel as their control panel. Hostgator offers a free demo when you go to the their website to check out their hosting plans. So in this category the two hosts tie.

Customer Service

There are a lot of features that come with both of these hosts, and customer service play an extremely important part in making your overall experience the best. Both offer 24/7 live chat, phone call, ticket submission, and email. They were both extremely quick to get back, and Hostgator was willing to stay on the phone just little bit longer.

Hostgator offers a 45 day money back guarantee, and InMotion Hosting has a 90 day one. It was easy to cancel both and get the money put back into my account quickly, and neither gave me any hassle about it. The 45 days Hostgator gives you is more than enough to make the decision if the host is right for you, and 90 days was plenty to get you comfortable, so this was a great feature that each offered.


The hosts were equally fast with their load time, and I wasn’t disappointed in this at all. I thought Hostgator might be a little slower because their plans are less expensive, but this was not the case. Hostgator was incredibly fast, and we know how important speed is when it comes to online marketing. If you don’t have the fastest upload time, you could be missing out on some potential customers.

The Winner

While this was a close battle, for me it just came down to price. Hostgator is less expensive, and has all of the amazing features that you need to get your online presence up and running. It doesn’t disappoint when it comes to speed, and you aren’t lacking for anything. InMotion Hosting is a fabulous company as well, and they beat out a lot of other hosting companies, but not Hostgator.

Check out the money back guarantees if your not sure, and decide for yourself who would be the best solution for you and your online needs.